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The Kitchen Samurai-Made in Germany!

You need a knife! (are you looking at my face right now? sticking up the Dwayne Jackson eyebrow? Trying to drop a rhyme again on everything)… Anyone who loves their kitchen put your hands up now. Ok thank you. Now, everyone has their own story of how they met and fell in love with their knives right? And this is mine.

I took it upon myself to find my partner, not in that way, but in the kitchen. My wife doesn’t know whether to hate me or stop eating? Yeah I’m that guy, I cook a lot. We actually sat down together on this and went searching on Google for the best rated kitchen knife set¬†and found this website, Pcn Chef. The surprise on my face?! Well her face too!


There are people who love their kitchens out there in the world. And did you know that kitchen knives have categories? And blade sizes? And compete on sharpness, stability, the feel in your hand, whether you’re right handed or left handed? So to cut the story shot I get a birthday gift from my wife a few months later and BAM! There comes my Messermeister Meridian Elite 9-Inch Chef Knife ( I do the dance, eh… eh… eh…).

The Messermeister Meridian Elite is a Japanese style kitchen made in, wait for it… Germany! Right?
This line is one of their best ones yet (What? Hell yeah, I went back and Googled it myself! How in the world I’m supposed to know that they could make Japanese kitchen knives in Germany? And do it so good… and she Googled for the 3rd best knife in Germany?) Oh yeah, I found out Wusthof and Henkel were bigger names there who also have their own lines of Japanese kitchen knives (at the same place – Solingen). I love my Meridian Elite because of the following reasons.

The Messermeister Meridian Elite has high versatility. You can use it to cut just about everything in kitchen.

The design used on the Meridian Elite is exquisite and flawless. The handle is hand polished to a fine finish and the blade is hand sharpened to 15% meaning you can slice and dice through everything in your kitchen. I have used mine to cut meat, curve out turkey, cut vegetables, mince, split chicken, chop, peel, and even used it once to fillet fish.

The blade has a sharp tip which come in handy when cutting into hard food stuff like melons where you have to stub from the top first and slide the knife down the sides. The handle just fits into your hands and you can have a tight firm grip for steady cuts. It really is a good choice and one of the best kitchen knives.

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