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Personal Experience With A Top Toaster


A couple of months back, I decided my family definitely needed a toaster upgrade. Apparently! Every morning, we struggled with time because we were all in a rush, wanted our toast but our toaster then only had two slots available. When the “Ting!” goes off, everyone screams, “That’s mine!” What a dilemma! Aside from that, I noticed that the slots of my toaster were narrow and the thicker slices of bread would be so much harder to get in. That was it! I needed a four slice toaster with wider openings. Immediately!

So, I checked out the toasters and was in awe. How awesome were some of them!
There were so many to choose from the top bread toasters in 2016 and, honestly, a lot many of them looked great. I didn’t know where to start and how to pick. I felt like a kid in a candy store. However, I ended up picking the one that I felt fit what I needed and would look best in my kitchen; and so, I decided on what the sales clerk said was one of the top KitchenAid toasters available. Of course, its nice look and design appealed to me as well and the countdown timer wasn’t bad and when I began using it, it did not disappoint. The old one I had was the white, regular push-down, twist the knob kind of toaster. I thought this looked really good and hoped then that it functioned even better.

Today, I am really happy with my decision and love the new toaster. It works really well for me and my family and makes sure we all get our toasts warm and fresh in the morning. After a few days of using it, I even realized it had a keep warm, defrost and reheat button. I really thought only microwaves could do that and we all know not to put our toasts in there.

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