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My cheap sewing machine has made me learn and perfect sewing over the years


I have been sewing for years now. I sew during my pastime, and sew anything that fancies me. Sometimes i sew quilts, other times I make dresses for my grandchildren or skirts for myself. I have also tried stitching shirts for my husband, but normally hem his trousers. I do not like the fancy new machines with various functions that will hardly be used by me. I like cheap sewing machines since I prefer stitching old style where I use my hands more. (Check out this link)

The machine I have also does embroidery work and makes quilts. It has a large warp that lets thick fabrics go in with ease. This is essential when stitching quilts. It also has an attached extended platform that allows me to stitch straight without drawing in additional bundles of cloth to start stitching a new batch. In fact, the machine can easily pass off as an expensive model with its features. It is considered the best among cheap sewing machines by many, and is rated very high by users. It is portable, and I move it easily around from one corner of the room to the other.

My husband has been encouraging me for quite some time to take sewing classes for people interested in learning the art. Some of my friends come over during the afternoons anyway to see how I work. They have also said that this is a brilliant idea, that they are willing to join my class. I have decided to use the basement as my classroom since it can accommodate close to 15 persons with ease. I am expecting beginners to join my class, so there is really no point in training them with the fancy new machines. This weekend I am going to shift my old machine to the basement, and start my sewing class early next month. I will encourage them to go for cheap sewing machines to let them be more innovative and learn the art of sewing sooner rather than relying on programmed options to do the work for them.

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