How I Rented a Virtual Office in Kuala Lumpur

Many people love the story of a successful start up. The news about a business that has managed to survive its initial years acts as an inspiration. However, few actually know the story behind the business’ success. Many aspiring entrepreneurs often ask how my custom business website design company became so successful within a span of a few months. Here’s my story.

Two years ago, I was fresh out of college and searching for a job. Luckily, I managed to get one at a leading design company. The job was great but a few month into employment, I felt that I had to achieve more. The entrepreneurial spirit within me was quite disturbed and I knew I had to quit my job and start a business. But, which business?

The only business I had in mind involved designing websites. I loved coding and enjoyed the feeling that came after I helped a client launch a website. Besides coding, I had learned a thing or two about internet marketing and SEO.
The web design business in the US was not at its best. Thousands of companies competed for a continuously dwindling market. Most of the designers survived by getting design contracts from overseas businesses and designers. I knew that I had to find a market abroad. The question was, where.
While still at my job, I decided to do some research about some of the best places to start a company and operate a business. Kuala Lumpur was one of the leading cities. It was also experiencing an increase in the number of new businesses being started there. I had my niche market. The new businesses would most likely want websites to promote their products and services online. I also reckoned that already existing businesses in Kuala Lumpur would also want websites to promote their products and services to these new businesses.

I set up my website and did a bit of SEO to get it ranked high in search engines. The queries started coming in daily. However, I lost a lot of business when many possible clients realized they couldn’t meet me or my business representative in person to discuss their site ideas. I didn’t plan on relocating to Malaysia nor did I intend to give up on my dream. To ensure that I lost no more clients I rented a virtual office in Kuala Lumpur. It ensured that potential clients had a place to meet with one of my business’ representatives for project briefings. The plan went well. It allowed me to quit my job a month later to fully concentrate on my growing business. Within months my business was voted the leading web design company dealing with Kuala Lumpur start ups.

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